What's The Best Raw Coconut Oil

What's The Best Raw Coconut Oil

You might be wondering what is the best raw coconut oil in the market today. As far as we know there’s only one, Skinny Coconut Oil. Yes we may be partial, but through the tests we’ve had conducted, this is a true statement.

However, there are guidelines for what “RAW” truly means, and we want to give you the tools to choose for yourself…

The technical definition of Raw is food processed at less than 104 °F  The raw diet consists primarily of uncooked, unprocessed and often organic foods. And when it comes to coconut oil, the rules stay the same.

Any coconut oil exposed to heat higher than 104 °F is considered cooked, processed and NOT raw.

Many coconut oil brands claim “RAW”. Terms like “cold pressed” are used to ensure their quality, but “cold pressed” has been used erroneously in the U.S. for years. It is often employed as a marketing tool for oils which have been heated or refined, exposing the oil to temperatures of up to 470 °F.

The only way to ensure RAW is by eliminating heat. That means not using a centrifuge or even a cold pressed process. The only process we've found to do this is our closed-loop Nutralock System™.

This unique dehumidification process never heats the oil above 100 °F. After going through our machine, the coconut is then hand-pressed to extract the oil, eliminating heat and friction. This process takes about 3-times longer and we use 3-times as many coconuts as any other producer.

It may be more difficult, but it ensures the purity of Skinny Coconut Oil. You trusted us enough to try our product, and we want to reward that trust by supplying the ONLY RAW coconut oil in the world.

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