Is Eating Paleo Really Worth It?

Is Eating Paleo Really Worth It?

The paleolithic diet, also known as the cavemen diet, most recently gained mainstream popularity as the meal plan promoted by the cross fit movement. In essence, paleo is promoted as a lifestyle in which you only eat foods that are fished, hunted or gathered. The basis of the diet is that our bodies evolved prior to the advent of agriculture so gaining weight is a result of eating foods that our bodies have not evolved to absorb and process. 

Today, there are few tribes still in existence that survive off of this hunter-gatherer lifestyle. However, those who do see very few cases of metabolic disorders. The typical paleo diet includes lean meats, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts. Organic and grass fed/cage free is encouraged. Processed foods, beans, sugar, dairy, starches and gluten products are avoided. Coconut oil is 100% paleo!!

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