4 Easy Steps to Clean Out Your Cabinets

4 Easy Steps to Clean Out Your Cabinets

Maybe you’ve heard about the amount of harmful, toxic ingredients (80,000!) in our everyday products. Maybe you even know that the FDA last evaluated the regulations and restrictions in the health & beauty industry in 1938. Now it's time to take the next step - clean out your cabinets. Not sure where to start? We’ve got you covered! Read on for 4 easy steps to remove toxic products from your home and live a healthier life.

Step One: Choose a product

Technically you’ve already completed the first step - deciding to start. Good for you! Now, choose one product to consider. Maybe it’s a product that stings when you use it. Maybe it irritates your skin. Maybe you love it, but suspect that it contains ingredients that aren’t good for you. 

If you’re not sure where to start, here are ten products (in no particular order) that we recommend investigating:

• Cosmetics (Including Perfume and Lip Balm)

• Toothpaste & Mouthwash

• Shampoo & Conditioner

• Deodorant

• Petroleum Jelly

• Facial Cleansers, Serums, & Moisturizers

• Lotions, Moisturizers, and Sunscreen

• Exfoliators & Scrubs

• Body Wash & Soap

• Baby & Nursing Products

Step Two: Read the Label

Find the Ingredients List on your product and look up each ingredient. Usually the scientific name will be listed first, followed by the common name in parentheses. Each separate ingredient is followed by a comma. A quick google search can tell you what the ingredient is and any harmful side-effects. Some ingredients (like water) aren’t toxic, but have a negative effect on your skin. Consider each ingredient carefully, and decide if you want it absorbed into your body. If yes, stop here and go back to Step One with another product in your cabinet. If no, move on to Step Three.

Step Three: Find an Alternative

If one or more ingredients in your product are toxic, harmful, or just have a negative effect on your skin and body, find a clean replacement product. As with the “clean out” process, one important step before purchasing a replacement product is to read the Ingredients List and look for potential toxins. Ideally, the product you choose to use in place of the toxic product will contain less than ten ingredients, none of which are considered toxic or harmful.

Step Four: Remove the Offender

Once you’ve found a clean alternative to the product, remove the old product from your cabinet and dispose of it. Although it may feel wasteful, you will feel empowered by taking control of what you are allowing in and on your body, and will reap the benefits of using natural, clean ingredients in your health and beauty needs.

Bonus Step: Spread the News!

After you’ve adopted the clean beauty lifestyle, share your findings with friends or family members who would be open to learning about it. You will be surprised how few people realize the number of toxic chemicals hiding in their everyday products. Empower others to take control and clean out their cabinets!

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