Celebrate Thanksgiving 2 Ways

Celebrate Thanksgiving 2 Ways

Thanksgiving is the holiday famous for family gatherings (awkward conversations) and loads, heaps, plates, and platters of food. While Grandma bakes her sweet and spiced pumpkin pie, your aunt begins fixing her first bloody mary. You mentally prepare for a lengthy interrogation from your nosy uncle, and Mom gives the turkey an herby massage while Dad looks a bit jealous… 

If you need a break from all of the craziness with the relatives, sometimes it’s best to arrange a casual and festive get together with your second family. Enter, “Friendsgiving.”

A time when your best girl and guy friends gather together to play games, snack on fancy cheeses, and of course, recount everyone’s most hilarious memories. While the concept may be new, you can be sure that the traditional over-abundance of food will not be changed. What better time to showoff your culinary flair than Friendsgiving? We've curated the most delicious and unexpected coconut oil-infused dishes to “wow” the whole gang and keep them raving from first to last bite!

Forget your average roasted bunny-food and prepare this cayenne-dashed dish to spice up the evening. You can expect the added coconut oil to pack some extra flavor. Glazed Carrots |

Paleos, feast your heart out! This appetizer is devilishly good. Your friends will love the curry dusted overtop, too! | Paleo Coconut Curry Deviled Eggs

Something for the meat-eaters to gobble up, this coconut oil turkey recipe will be savored to the last slice! | Coconut Oil Modified Best Turkey in the World | Go here for coconut oil modification of Christmas Butter. 

Creamy, coconut-splashed, and simply delicious, this recipe will have your buddies craving this dish for Friendsgivings to come. Make sure to bookmark this one! | Sweet and Savory Pumpkin Soup 

Perfect for those whose palettes speak only veganese, heat the oven to bake these miniature pumpkin delights sure to please even your most carnivorous friends! The coconut oil crust will be so tasty, you might want to pass it along to Grandma, too. | Mini Vegan Pumpkin Pies | Coconut Oil Pie Crust


This weekend, there is a ton to be thankful for and what better way to celebrate so many blessings than with all of your loved ones.

Happy Thanksgiving from Skinny & Co.!

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