Coconut Oil For Paleo Diets

Coconut Oil For Paleo Diets

What’s the number one ingredient our Paleo friends swear by? Coconut oil, of course! 

Our last post focused on the science of high-fat, lower carb diets, and why coconut oil could lead to a boosted metabolism and weight loss. For the Paleo diet in particular, coconut oil is the perfect replacement for butter or other oils because the fat is processed by the liver directly, encouraging ketosis.

What makes coconut oil different from other oils is the extremely high level of saturated fat in the form of lauric acid. While in the past many believed that saturated fats contributed to the development of heart disease, recent studies have now proven it can raise HDL (good) cholesterol. As levels of HDL increase and are combined with a diet low in refined carbohydrates such as Paleo, we see a decreased incidence of CVD (cardiovascular disease). 

Additionally, many people have elected to follow the Paleo diet to reduce inflammation in the gut. The Paleo approach helps people move away from the standard Western diet that is filled with refined carbohydrates and toxins. IBS, “leaky” gut, probiotic imbalances, and more have been cured by switching to a diet like Paleo because it focuses on “clean eating” alongside a reduction in refined carbohydrates and an increase in micronutrients.

Adding coconut oil will boost the benefit of a Paleo diet in this regard, as the lauric acid is naturally anti-microbial, particularly in cases of leaky gut. Further, coconut oil is great for cooking because it withstands higher temperatures without the bonds breaking down thanks to the medium-chain fatty acid makeup. 

Which leads us to…

3 Great Paleo Recipes with Coconut Oil

Compiled from some of our favorite chefs, these recipes are incredibly delicious and nutritious. They’re the perfect way to get your coconut oil in on a Paleo diet!

Breakfast Eggs with Bone Marrow  | Start the day energized and perfectly full after enjoying these eggs specially made with bone marrow. 


Paleo Lasagna with Boar or Beef  | This protein-packed meal has Paleolithic intentions and Italian flavors cooked all into one. Count us in!

Upside Down Apple Tartlets | One of the most scrumptious Paleo desserts we've ever tasted!


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