How To Find The Best Coconut Oil

How To Find The Best Coconut Oil
How to find the best coconut oil - Skinny Coconut Oil
When you do a Google search for "how to find the best coconut oil" you'll see that underneath the ads and Google Product search results there is "Amazon Best Sellers", some blog posts, and other e-commerce websites selling coconut oil. It seems everyone and their brother are selling coconut oil these days, which doesn't necessarily make it any easier to determine which coconut oil is best.
Defining Your Search Terms
When deciding which coconut oil is best, it can be beneficial to start out with what you are trying to measure. In other words, "what do you care about in a coconut oil"? But isn't all coconut oil the same? Far from it. There are many different types of coconut oil, which come from many different places, and are shipped in many different sizes, shapes, and containers. Everything plays a factor in what you may want.
Different Types of  Coconut Oil
  • Refined coconut oil - tasteless and odorless; made from dried copra, not fresh coconuts; generally treated with heat at high temperatures
  • Unrefined coconut oil - "virgin" or "extra virgin"
  • RBD - refined, bleached, and deodorized
Methods of Coconut Oil Extraction
  • Cold-pressed coconut oil - a chemical-free, mechanical process with cooling that locks in more nutrients
  • Expeller-pressed coconut oil - a chemical-free, mechanical process without cooling
  • Centrifuged coconut oil - this is the mechanical process listed above in cold and expeller-pressed
Color and Consistency of Coconut Oil
  • White - coconut oil should be 'snow white' - any other color is bad news
  • Melting point - should be solid under 76 degrees and liquid over 76 degrees
  • Consistency - coconut oil should be smooth, not lumpy or chunky
Coconut Jar Shapes, Sizes, and Types
  • Glass - best for coconut oil as they typically do not transfer any taste to the oil
  • Plastic - can transfer a 'plasticy' taste to the coconut oil, but may be cheaper
  • Wholesale vs retail - usually wholesale jars are larger, where retail jars are smaller
About Skinny Coconut Oil
Skinny Coconut Oil is a pesticide-free, unrefined, extra-virgin, cold-pressed coconut oil that comes in a tall, skinny, glass jar. It's snow white, smooth consistency has a light coconut smell and a delicious taste. It's great for cooking, baking, and using pretty much all over your body.
When you buy Skinny Coconut Oil you will not only be helping yourself (get healthier, fitter, and have incredible tasting food, of course), but you will also become part of our community and mission where we are out to change the world by making people as healthy as possible. 

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