Try aromatherapy and essential oils for headaches

Try aromatherapy and essential oils for headaches

Do you find yourself constantly plagued by headaches or migraines? You’re not alone. In fact, it’s estimated that almost half of the adult population have had at least one headache within the last year. If you suffer from stress, physical pain, or any of life’s great pains, you may be one of the unfortunate people who have a headache disorder and feel the pain of headaches much more frequently.

Finding the best medicine

Plenty of over the counter and prescriptions remedies exist to help with the pain of headaches, but some people find the side effects too bothersome. In that case, a natural remedy is always an option for headache relief. We recommend you try essential oils for headaches because the aromatherapy will provide some relief. It’s a practice that is even backed by science, so what’s not to love?

How does aromatherapy help with headaches?

It should come as no surprise that aromatherapy can help with headaches, especially because many people who suffer from migraines are very sensitive to smells, especially during a migraine attack. In some cases, a strong odor can even trigger a migraine in the first place.

So it makes sense then that a pleasant and soothing scent can help block on some of the triggers that may cause your headache, either by canceling out or masking an odor or by relaxing you to the point of finding some stress release and eventual pain relief.

Getting started with essential oils

Some people may find themselves with the great misfortune of being allergic to essential oils, though this is not common. Still, to be safe, it is recommended that you test a small spot on your skin with your essential oil of choice. If there is no reaction (such as stinging or burning sensations, redness, or a rash) within 24 to 48 hours, you are likely all clear to continue your adventure into aromatherapy and essential oils.

Once you’re ready to use essential oils and are sure you won’t have a skin reaction, we recommend you grab one of our essential oil rollers and get started by rolling some oil onto your forehead, the back of your neck, or your temples. Then, gently massage that same area for some added relief.


If you’re looking for a better understanding of aromatherapy before you get started, check out our recent Aromatherapy 101 blog. And, of course, if you need further care or pain relief, be sure to reach out to your doctor.

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