Body Melt v/s Body Butter - Which is right for you?

Body Melt v/s Body Butter - Which is right for you?

We offer two amazing products to hydrate your skin from head to toe - our Body Melt and our Body Butter. Although they are similar, they offer very different benefits for your skin. Read on to find out which one is right for you!

We all know our skin gets drier in the winter months due to the wind and frigid temperatures outside, and the dry heat inside. To combat this loss in moisture, we created two products to make sure your skin stays healthy, hydrated and glowing. And both products come in a variety of blends, so we have one to suit everyone!

Body Melt

Skinny & Co. Body Melt is one of our best-selling products - and for good reason! This product melts on contact, and feels amazing directly from the jar. We recommend using this product after your bath or shower to lock in moisture. It provides long-lasting hydration for your skin, leaving your skin glowing and happy for the whole day, or to soak in during the night. The Rejuvenating Body Melt is specially blended for dry or aging skin, containing a specific blend of oils known for hydrating, healing, and rejuvenating skin. The Calming Body Melt is for normal to dry skin, and works for men or women. It is also fantastic for babies and children after bath, as the lavender adds a calming effect that aids in sleep and rest. The Clarifying Body Melt is great for those with blemish-prone skin, as it is very anti-inflammatory and balancing. It is also a great choice for men, as the fragrance is minimal and appeals to everyone!

Body Butter

Skinny & Co. Body Butter is our favorite giftable product! It comes in a beautiful gift box that is perfect for any occasion, and comes in blends anyone on your list would love to receive. We recommend using this product from head to toe throughout the day wherever extra moistures is needed. The Lemongrass Body Butter is a fresh scent that immediately energizes you. Leave it on the kitchen sink to use after washing to keep your hands hydrated. The Patchouli Spice Body Butter is great to keep in the office or wherever you spend the majority of your day. The patchouli essential oil is uplifting to your spirit, giving you a mood booster as needed throughout the day! The Vanilla Blossom Body Butter is a sweet scent that immediately calms and relaxes. It is great to keep on your bathroom sink or nightstand to use whenever you are ready to take a break from your day! Our Fresh Cucumber Body Butter is made to be universal in appeal for men and women. It replenishes your spirit while soothing your skin! The Grapefruit Body Butter is a favorite for women of all ages. The bergamot, grapefruit and frankincense combination rejuvenates skin and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

So, whether you need Skinny and Co.'s Body Melt or Body Butter (or both!), we have an option for everyone. Watch Dr. Joy Reese explains why she loves both of these products, and her favorite ways to use them!

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  • Your Body Melt products are the one thing I never knew was missing from my life!!!! I have never been a religious lotion user because of the mess it leaves on my hands and under my fingernails. The body melt absorbs into my hands while I’m applying and solves 2 hydration issues at once! I will NEVER be without a jar of Skinny & Co. body melt going forward!!! I LOVE THIS!!!!

    Carmon Snider on

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