Why you should use a body oil or face oil for moisturizing

Why you should use a body oil or face oil for moisturizing


Moisturizing is key for healthy, happy skin and should be done daily. There are several different ways you can go about achieving moisturized skin, but in this blog, we’ll specifically address the importance and benefits of using body oil and face oil for moisturizing your skin.

The benefits of body oil and face oil

Truth be told, both moisturizers and face oils have a place in your skin care routine when it comes to maintaining healthy, hydrated skin. Your skin needs 70 percent water and 30 percent oil to maintain balance. Using oil helps your skin retain the water that’s put into it and is a practice that’s been in rotation since the ancient kingdom of Egypt and the Greek and Roman empires.

Natural ingredients such as jojoba, almond, hemp, avocado, rosemary, ylang ylang, argan, and, of course, our beloved coconut can be blended in any number of combinations to help the skin. For example, these natural ingredients can help oily skin think it already has enough oil, which shuts off sebum production and slows down the shine your face develops. On the other hand, when oil is used, dry or blemished skin locks in moisture and forms a protective barrier, while also cleaning out pores to eliminate irritation and help with redness.

To unlock the best benefits of oil, you’ll want to apply oil to your skin after it’s absorbed water from a shower or bath. Doing so will help seal in the hydration your skin needs.

How oils work with your skin

According to makeup artist and founder of Noto Botanics, “Oils sink right into the skin. It’s like food for you body.” The reason? Many oils mimic the natural lipids found in your skin, which allows for the repair and regulation of your skin’s moisture barrier that controls oil production. Research also shows that when oils are absorbed into the skin, the top layers of skin treat the oils as their own, which causes the desired reparative and moisturized effect.

A word of caution here, though. Most oils you can buy today contain some questionable ingredients and additives (which you know we don’t stand for). We at Skinny & Co. recommend paying attention to labels of the products you consume or use. The fewer, more natural ingredients, the better!

What about body butter?

While body oils are emollient and soften and nourish your skin by resembling the natural oils of your skin, some people might want another option for skin hydration. In these cases, body butter could be the answer. (Note, though, that body butter contains oil in addition to moisturizers; these fatty acids help for even deeper hydration.)

Body butter is occlusive, which means it provides the strongest possible protective barrier to lock in moisture. They’re especially known to help dry, sensitive skin or skin in a dry climate where moisture can escape the skin easily. You’ll also want to have body butter on hand for the colder months when environmental factors can leave your skin thirsting for hydration.

Final thoughts

Are you ready to try a body oil or face oil? Skinny & Co. Body Melts and Cleansing Balms will deliver the hydration you need, with the help of therapeutic-grade essential oils, chosen specifically to help your skin in a number of ways.

If body butter seems more like your thing, don’t worry; we’ve got those, too! You can find our Body Butters (also with therapeutic-grade essential oils) here.

Give either option--oil or body butter--a try, and let us know what you think!

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