Why you should buy coconut wax candles instead of soy candles

Why you should buy coconut wax candles instead of soy candles

At The Skinny, we source the most natural products possible. Our candles are no exception. Made from coconut oil and beeswax, they’re some of the most environmentally friendly candles you’ll find on the market today.

Why we use coconut wax and beeswax in candles

All candles are made from wax, but wax can be made from almost any kind of oil. This makes for a lot of unnatural options when making candles. We chose coconut oil to make coconut wax candles because we firmly believe coconut oil is the most natural and sustainable option for making candles.

The reality of the situation is:

  • Coconut wax candles carry a great scent.
  • You’ll enjoy your candles longer due to a slower burn.
  • Our favorite point: they’re the most eco-friendly candles on the market.

So if coconut wax is so great, why do our candles also include beeswax? Honestly, beeswax adds a little something extra to the candles that can’t be achieved with coconut wax alone.

The benefits of beeswax:

  • Helps firm up the candles, as coconut wax is naturally softer
  • Considered the healthiest wax to make candles from because they are smokeless and soot-free
  • Beeswax candles helps purify the air as they burn
  • It’s naturally sourced, just like coconut wax, allowing for an entirely natural candle

Why we don’t use other waxes

We’ve said it once, and we’ll say it a million times: at Skinny & Co., we want to provide you with the most natural, environmentally friendly, health-conscious products on the market. We can’t achieve that by making our candles with other waxes.

Paraffin wax

Paraffin wax is one of the most popular waxes for candle making for a few reasons. First, it holds color really well. Second, it also holds scent extremely well. And third, it’s easy to come by because it is a by-product of the oil industry.

We do not use paraffin wax, however, because it is made from the leftovers of the crude oil refinement process, which flies in the face of the products we want to provide our customers.

Soy wax

Yes, soy candles are a more environmentally conscious option than those made from paraffin wax, but not by a lot. Soy wax is a by-product of the soybean industry which carries with it the concerns of deforestation and the use of pesticides and fertilizers to grow soybeans. Obviously, we’re not a big fan of these facts.

Additionally, soy wax doesn’t carry as much of a scent and burns quicker than coconut wax, making the choice even clearer.

Candles from The Skinny provide aromatherapy benefits

Our candles are made from 100% coconut oil and beeswax. They’re free of artificial fragrances, paraffins, parabens, and lead. Even better still, they’re scented with real, therapeutic-grade essential oils and nothing else.

Buy a candle today, and we promise the aromatherapy they provide will leave you feeling restored and balanced!

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  • Finally found products and people understanding that coconut oil candles are the best for your self and your family. Look forward to following you!

    Cathy on
  • Thank You!

    Kathy Papineau on
  • Hi, Kathy! All of our candles have wooden wicks!

    Skinny & Co. on
  • What are your wicks made of?

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