Cucumber oil and its aromatherapy benefits

Cucumber oil and its aromatherapy benefits

Are you ready for round three of getting to know our aroma essential oil scents? We are!

First, we recommend you brush up on what aromatherapy is and how it can help improve your health and mood. Then, if you missed our first two blogs, you can go back and get to know our white grapefruit scent and our patchouli spice scent. Each blog discusses our aroma products, why we choose each scent, and how they can help make you healthier and happier.

Next up: fresh cucumber!

Get to know fresh cucumber

Does your skin need to feel refreshed? Well, you’re in luck. Cucumber oil is known to provide a number of refreshing benefits when applied directly to your skin. The light, cool smell also provides aromatherapy benefits when you need a boost in your day. Use our body butters, candles, and oil rollers to unlock these benefits.


The most common uses of cucumber oil are for refreshing the skin. It’s been known to help with anti-aging, acne, sun damage, repairing nails and hair, lightening skin discoloration, and soothing eczema and psoriasis.


Cucumber oil has properties that make it an antioxidant while also having diuretic, relaxing, anti-stress, anti-inflammatory benefits.

In fact, a 2011 study proved that cucumber extract is extremely beneficial for the skin and has passed the maximum number of dermatological tests. The study also states that cucumber extracts help reduce the melanin content which is responsible for skin pigmentation and complexion while also having anti-acne effects by decreasing the content of skin sebum.

If your hair needs help, cucumber oil can help with that too! Cucumber contains minerals like silica and sulfur which are known to promote hair growth while also protecting from breakage and hair loss. Cucumber oil is also extremely hydrating, which makes it great for the scalp and can reduce dryness, itchiness, and dandruff.

Refresh your life with aromatherapy

Are you ready to experience the refreshing benefits our fresh cucumber scented products can offer you? Make your first purchase here, and join us again next week to learn about aromatherapy benefits of lemongrass.

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