What causes baby eczema and how can you treat it?

What causes baby eczema and how can you treat it?

If you’ve ever had the great misfortune of experiencing eczema in your life, you know how itchy and uncomfortable it can be. Now, just imagine how it might feel for a baby. Unfortunately, baby eczema (otherwise known as atopic dermatitis) is fairly common. But the good news is that it is treatable.

What you need to know about baby eczema

First thing’s first: your doctor is the one who can best diagnose this skin condition. We can help you identify some of the symptoms and questions to ask before or during a doctor visit.

What does it look like?

Look for red, crusty, or flaky patches on your baby’s skin. This skin irritation generally presents as being itchy and makes the affected skin feel rough. You’ll most likely find it on a baby’s cheeks and on their joints.

Just make sure you don’t confuse it for cradle cap which isn’t as red or scaly as eczema. You’ll find cradle scalp on a baby’s scalp, the sides of their nose, on their eyelids or eyebrows, and behind their ears.

Will it go away by itself?

The good news is that in may cases, it can! Generally, your child will outgrow eczema before they head off for school. There’s no guarantee, however, as some kids have eczema as they grow and eventually reach adulthood. Even if their eczema appears to go away for years at a time, that doesn’t mean that it’s gone, so it’s important to always watch for symptoms and re-occurrences.

Treating baby eczema with coconut oil

First, make sure you’re aware that there are certain circumstances that can make eczema worse or make your baby more prone to it. These include already dry skin, outside irritants (such as certain soaps or detergents), and even stress (which your baby may experience due to the itchiness and discomfort eczema brings!).

Here’s the good news. If you know anything about Skinny & Co., you already know that our products are 100 percent natural, free of artificial fragrances, and contain fewer than five ingredients. That makes Pure Baby an ideal treatment for your little one’s skin. All you have to do to unlock these benefits is use it as a daily moisturizer for your baby, especially before bed or after bath time. When you do so, the coconut oil will help hydrate and repair skin, which will relieve the itchiness that comes along with eczema.

Final thoughts

Make you first purchase of Pure Baby today, and leave us a comment below to let us know how you use coconut oil for yourself or your little one!

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