Model behavior: Using coconut oil to protect against saltwater

Model behavior: Using coconut oil to protect against saltwater

We at Skinny & Co. thought we’d do something special going forward: introducing our customers and blog readers to the models you see in our photos and videos. We wanted to do this because the models who pose with our products aren’t just models; they actually use our products, too! (How cool is that?)

A deep dive with Caitlin Woodman, divemaster extraordinaire

First up, we want to introduce you to Caitlin Woodman, a 28-year-old divemaster in Key West, Fla. Originally from Amarillo, Texas, Caitlin is in her final semester at Florida Keys Community College to finish up her associates degree in marine environmental technology.

Caitlin describes herself as outgoing, enthusiastic, and passionate and likes to spend her free time volunteering as a scientific diver with the Coral Restoration Foundation, planting coral.

This is what she had to say when we interviewed her after her photoshoot.


Q: Are you able to use coconut oil in your profession?

A: I love using coconut oil in my hair before dives to protect it from the salt water. I also love using it on my body after showering the salt water off.

Q: What’s your typical health and beauty routine look like in the morning/evening?

A: Since I’ve been using Skinny & Co., I'd say it's improved! I use the makeup remover and cleansing balm at night. Followed by coconut oil on my legs and arms. I also like the peppermint oil pulling in the morning after I brush my teeth a few times a week.

Q: What’s your secret weapon or guilty pleasure health or beauty product that might surprise people?

A: I use magnesium oil with lavender on my arms and legs before I go to sleep, and it puts me right out! You can also use it for sore muscles. I'm always recommending it to friends.

Q: How do you find out about new beauty products?

A: Either from friends or from social media, mainly Instagram. But if one of my girlfriends is using something and is getting results, I'm quick to ask them about it.

Q: How long have you been using Skinny & Co. products?

A: I've been using them since 2018.

Q: What do you like most about Skinny & Co. products and which do you use most often?

A: I love that they're natural and have minimal ingredients. I especially love that there is no alcohol in them. I use the makeup remover and cleansing balm every day. And I take the lip balm everywhere!

Q: What’s your favorite Skinny & Co. product?

A: I think the most unique and my favorite product is the peppermint oil pulling, but I also really like the natural deodorant as well. It actually works, which is tough to say about most natural deodorants.

Q: Have you found any surprising uses for Skinny & Co. products?

A: I've been using the body scrub on my upper arms, where I have a little bit of eczema, and have noticed it's not red anymore!

The takeaway

According to Caitlin, Skinny & Co. products can be summed up as, “Natural, innovative, and hydrating.” We love that! Stay tuned for our next model interview to find out how how products have changed her life, but until then, be sure to follow along with Caitlin’s adventures on Instagram.

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