New Year, New You, Tip 1: Here is why you need to walk 2 minutes every hour

Did you know getting up and walking for two minutes every hour could help reverse the negative health effects from prolonged sitting?

Sitting for an extended period of time has shown that sitting for extended periods of time every day can increase the risk of a number of health issues. 

Current exercise recommendations advise adults to get at least 2.5 hours of moderate physical activity each week. But 80 percent of Americans don't meet this goal.

It has been found that just standing up and walking around for 2 minutes is a great way to counteract the harmful effects of sitting. 

With 2017 being a year of living healthier and feeling better, start incorporating this talk daily. We recommend setting an hourly reminder on your phone to beep every hour reminding you to stand up, after all, it is for your health.

Here's to the Health Of It!

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