Why Skinny & Co. doesn't use phthalates in products

Why Skinny & Co. doesn't use phthalates in products


It’s a core value for us and a major business philosophy here at Skinny & Co. not to use any chemicals in our pure coconut oil products. A couple of weeks ago, we promised to write a series of blog posts about the different types of chemicals commonly found in beauty products that we will never include in any of our products.

The first product we’ll discuss today? Phthalates!

What are phthalates?

Simply put, phthalates are chemicals commonly used to soften and make plastic and vinyl more flexible. They’re commonly found in cosmetics, personal care products, food packaging, detergents, shower curtains, raincoats, adhesives, plastic or vinyl toys, vinyl flooring, mini blinds, wallpaper, plastic pipes, medical equipment and devices, and PVC plastics.

Are phthalates harmful to humans?

The US Center for Disease Control recommended that phthalates and their effect on human health should be studied further, especially considering the widespread exposure the general American public has to the chemicals.

This is especially necessary as, in the past few years, researchers have found a link between phthalates and asthma, ADHD, breast cancer, obesity and type II diabetes, low IQ, neurodevelopmental and behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, and issues with reproductive development and male fertility.

Phthalates in cosmetics

Phthalates were previously used as a plasticizer in products such as nail polishes (to help prevent the cracking of the polish once it dries) and in hairsprays to help avoid stiffness by creating a flexible film over the hair. As of 2010, however, diethylphthalate (DEP), which is used as a solvent and fixative in fragrances, is the only phthalate still commonly used in cosmetics, according to the Food and Drug Administration.

No phthalates in Skinny & Co. products

You don’t have to worry about DEP being used for fragrances within Skinny & Co. products, though! We use natural essential oils to provide fragrance (and health benefits!) to many of our products, though we also offer several fragrance-free options as well.

Final thoughts

Feel safe about putting Skinny & Co. products in and on your body, and tune in to our blogs to learn about the other chemicals we refuse to put in our products.

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