Is rose essential oil good for your skin?

Is rose essential oil good for your skin?

Rose is often considered a “love or hate” scent. However, we find that many who claim to dislike the scent simply have never smelled an authentic rose essential oil. The artificial essential oil market is huge, but we at Skinny & Co. are certain that once you try the real thing, you can never go back.

Understanding rose essential oil

Pure rose essential oil is one of the world’s rarest essential oils, and, as a result, there are times when there is none available. As a company, Skinny & Co. must plan accordingly and buy as much as possible when it is available.

Skinny & Co.’s rose essential oil products are crafted using only what is known as “rose otto”, and never “rose absolute”. The difference between the two is that the former is made via gentle steam distillation, and the latter is extracted using chemicals and solvents. This is one of the ways Skinny & Co. works to ensure our products are completely chemical-free.

Why Skinny & Co. loves rose essential oil

Besides it’s otherworldly scent, Skinny & Co. chose rose essential oil primarily for its action on the skin. A 2010 study done by PubMed using rose essential oil found, “Co-operative interactions between essential oil components may promote skin permeation behaviour of essential oil and its components.”3  In other words, rose essential oil opens the skin’s pores to allow for better absorption of nutrients and moisture.

Rose essential oil benefits

Rose essential oil does more than just open the skin’s pores, however. Among its other benefits are the following:

  1. Use as an antidepressant aromatherapy
  2. Use on skin wounds keeps them from becoming infected and encourages healing
  3. Use as a “cicatisant” on the skin (to fade scars, pock marks, and stretch marks)
  4. Destroys bacteria responsible for acne
  5. Strengthens hair
  6. Prevents wrinkles
  7. Use as a calming anxiolytic that invokes uplifting feelings

Final thoughts

All in all? Rose essential oil is a win. Not only does it smell great; it also has a fantastic track record of effective uses for your skin. Once you try our pure coconut oil blended with some of the world’s most coveted essential oils, you can never go back. Try rose essential oil yourself when you use Skinny & Co.’s Rejuvenating Rose Jojoba Body Melt.

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