The importance of living a chemical-free lifestyle

The importance of living a chemical-free lifestyle

When you hear the word “chemicals”, what do you think of? The hardware store? A chemist in a lab? The runoff from a manufacturing plant? Likely, you don’t think about your food, cosmetics, or health products.

Generally speaking, chemicals are not meant to be consumed and should be avoided for good reasons. Some of today’s top beauty products have warnings about cancer, blindness, irritations, poison, etc. So, why are these chemicals in health and beauty products?

Say NO! to chemicals in health and beauty products

What if we told you that the FDA allows dangerous chemicals to be in the vast majority of your household products? What if we told you the number of chemicals allowed in products is greater than 84,000? What if we told you that the vast majority of those chemicals have never been tested on humans? Unfortunately, this is a real concern in our world today. 

We live in a toxic world where a majority of the ingredients in our shampoo are only decipherable by a chemist. Consumers must start asking for "clean" products if they want the industry to shift away from these damaging trends.

What makes Skinny & Co. different

Skinny & Co. started out of necessity; there wasn’t a small-batch, wild-harvested, chemical-free, and unheated coconut oil option on the market. It’s impossible to make with traditional methods. So, Skinny & Co. developed and patented a new method, the NutraLock™ System, which makes the purest coconut oil on the market today.

We at Skinny & Co. realized that almost all moisturizers, soaps, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, and mouth rinses on the market today are full of chemicals and made with dozens of ingredients that the average consumer can't even pronounce.

We have been systematically releasing our version of each of these products as an answer to this problem. We are extremely proud of our product line, and we hope that you and your family will benefit as much as we have. We guarantee our products are of the highest purity and each of our products will always have 5 or fewer ingredients.

Join the chemical-free movement

What does that mean for you? It means peace of mind. When it comes to the ingredients list, you will always know what is in our products. You can rest assured that Skinny & Co. products are formulated especially for you. There are no corners cut, no cheap fillers, and absolutely no chemicals. We love our customers which is why our customers love us.

Are you ready to switch to chemical-free, pure coconut oil products?

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