Toxic chemicals commonly found in most shampoos

Toxic chemicals commonly found in most shampoos

Did you know that not all chemicals in hair products are listed on the ingredients list? In fact, a study by Environmental Research looked into 18 hair products and found that 84 percent of the chemicals in the products were not written anywhere on the label. That brings us to a very important question...

What’s in your shampoo?

Your shampoo should make your hair and scalp fresh, clean, and healthy, but the reality is that many shampoos contain harmful chemicals more suitable for cleaning your car.

Below is a list of potentially harmful ingredients commonly found in shampoos that you should avoid if you’re interested in living a chemical-free lifestyle. (Note: there are quite a few other chemicals also found in a lot of shampoos on the market, but they are not as toxic or harmful to human health as these.)


Parabens are used to prolong the shelf life of beauty products for the hair and skin by preventing bacteria and mold growth. That all sounds great, but parabens may also contribute to the development of breast cancer, according to some studies.


Sulfates are added to shampoos to make them sudsy so that they can cut through grease and dirt. Unfortunately, they can also remove natural oils from your hair, leading to frizz, dry ends, and even scalp irritations.


Pthalates are used in beauty products because they act as a solvent for fragrances. Some phthalates act as endocrine disruptors, can cause cancer, may affect human reproduction, and could result in male reproductive development problems.


Sure, they make your shampoo and, therefore, your hair smell great, but fragrances aren’t all they’re cracked up to be, especially because the term is often used in lieu of disclosing countless ingredients on the label. In reality, they are actually highly toxic and can lead to headaches, rashes, and hormone disruption. Some research also finds that they could be cause for concern in regard to cancer as well.


Silicones are added to shampoos so that they can form a waterproof coating over your hair; this prevents your hair from absorbing humidity while also sealing moisture into your hair to keep it shiny. However, some silicones can lead to buildup and dull hair, and worse yet, may cause cancer or disrupt the endocrine system.

Mineral oil and petroleum

Mineral oil may also appear on labels as paraffin oil and is used for its ability to form a protective coating on your hair to lock in moisture. That being said, it’s thought to potentially cause cancer because it is distilled from petroleum, which is made when crude oil is refined.

The best natural shampoo

The best way to ensure you aren’t introducing toxins to your body through your shampoo is by using natural shampoo. And, maybe we’re biased, but we firmly believe that Skinny & Co. Shampoo Bars are the best natural shampoo you can buy. Why, you ask? It’s simple…

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