Travel chemical-free (and TSA approved!) this summer

Travel chemical-free (and TSA approved!) this summer

Skinny & Co.’s Pure Beauty Travel Kit is everything you need to begin living the chemical-free lifestyle, while also serving as a handy way to get a carry-on size version of all our favorite products. Either way, it’s this summer’s must-have product from Skinny & Co.

Unpack the Pure Beauty Travel Kit

Live the chemical-free lifestyle on the go with 2 oz. Pure Beauty Coconut Oil, a Mini Raw Shampoo Bar, 2 oz. Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm & Makeup Remover, Raw Lavender Deodorant, and Peppermint Lip Balm.

As you plan to take your summer trips, keep in mind the toiletries you will need. We are all too familiar with the terrible skin-drying quality of hotel soap, the minimal amount of moisturizer provided by hotels, and the lack of a decent exfoliator and high-quality facial moisturizer that you’re often met with. That’s why we’ve packed this Pure Beauty Travel Kit on your behalf!

Travel sized and TSA approved

Have you ever found yourself disappointed by the terrible selection and quality of travel size products found in most drug stores and supermarkets? More often than not, the products available are low-end and lost-cost. Those won’t help keep you healthy and happy while you treat yourself to the rest and relaxation a summer trip is supposed to provide.

To combat these struggles and to help make packing easier, we at Skinny & Co. decided to release our top travel products in premium quality 2 oz glass jars that are not only durable, but also 100 percent TSA approved.

Final thoughts

Travel the world or fly out to visit friends or family, and feel comfortable knowing you have the best of the best packed inside your carry-on bag. If you need ideas for how to use your Pure Beauty Travel Kit when you get to your vacation destination, stay tuned into our blogs; we’ve got some life hacks coming your way in the near future!

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