What causes clogged pores?

What causes clogged pores?


If your goal is to have radiant, healthy, younger looking skin, your pores definitely play a part in that. In this blog, we’ll discuss what causes clogged pores and how you can avoid getting clogged pores.

What causes clogged pores?

Pores are tiny openings in your skin that release oil and sweat. When clogged, pores can become filled by blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. You can usually tell your pores are clogged if you do see blemishes or acne like we just mentioned, but an overall dullness to your skin’s complexion is also an indicator.

Pores become clogged as a result of dead skin cells that are trapped in your skin versus being shed into the environment. Any number of things can cause this to happen. They include but aren’t necessarily limited to:

  • Sweat
  • Oil transferred from your hands to your face due to excessive touching
  • Toxins in the air
  • Non-comedogenic makeup or beauty products

Clogged pores treatment

By now, you’ve likely heard of or have tried pore strips, charcoal masks, or any other number of products on the market that claim to help with unclogging pores. But, did you know there are some natural options you can try?


Scrubs are exfoliants, which means they are used as a treatment to cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells. As we discussed above, dead skin cells are what actually clog your pores, so using an exfoliant like a scrub can help to unclog your pores.

It’s important to note that some scrubs can be harsh on the skin, especially if your skin is already sensitive. There are also chemical options that your dermatologist can recommend, but they might also irritate your skin and do not lend themselves to the chemical-free lifestyle. We’d recommend you use Skinny & Co.’s Vanilla Sugar Facial Scrub because it is natural, chemical free, and made with pure coconut oil and finely ground sugar granules.

Face oil

If clogged pores are a concern of yours, you’ll want to remember that prevention is often easier than treatment, and one way to prevent skin issues is by using a face oil. Not just any oil will do, however. You’ll want to use non-comedogenic oil (and skincare products in general). Non-comedogenic oils do not clog pores and allow your to breathe and remain hydrated, which keeps your skin free from breakouts.

Another major benefit of non-comedogenic oils is that they help keep moisture in your skin without increasing or promoting breakouts. This is because these non-comedogenic oils “trick” your skin into thinking it has already released oil and will therefore prevent increased or unnecessary oil production on your face.

When choosing a non-comedogenic face oil, you should look for or research oils that have anti-inflammatory properties (such as coconut oil), as these oils may also contain antioxidants, vitamins, and essential fatty acids which make them even more beneficial to your skin.  

Final thoughts

Whether you are trying to unclog your pores or prevent them from becoming clogged, coconut oil is an excellent choice for your needs. Use Skinny & Co. beauty products which are made from 100 percent pure coconut oil (and therapeutic-grade essential oils in some cases) and are as non-comedogenic as you can find.  

Not sure where to start? We recommend getting started with Pure Beauty or a Cleansing Balm & Makeup Remover!

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