When Should I Eat Coconut Oil?

When Should I Eat Coconut Oil?

We’re often asked by customers, “When should I eat coconut oil?.” Our favorite answer is whenever you want... However, the answer is more complicated depending on your goals, diet, and schedule. We’ve got the skinny, these are our favorite times to eat coconut oil.

  1. When you need a mental boost. Whether it’s put into “Bulletproof” coffee, “Skinny Tea”, or eaten straight, coconut oil is loaded with MCT’s to help supply your brain with ample energy. Even though your brain weights only 3 lbs. it uses 20% of your daily energy!1 Next time you are feeling tired and sluggish, eat a tablespoon! (Note: Works best on empty stomach).
  2. First thing in the morning. No time for breakfast? We got you… Slam a tablespoon of Skinny and head out, knowing you’ll be fine till lunch. Check out our 5-Step Coconut Oil Morning Routine.
  3. Before/After a workout. We here at Skinny are used to eating coconut oil before workouts for that explosive enduring energy… But athletes are now looking at entering workouts in a “fasted” state and eating coconut oil afterwards for recovery. We suggest both, and encourage you to see what works best for you.
  4. During Intermittent Fasting. We love fasting and Intermittent Fasting is good for you! However, sometimes during the beginning of a fast, you can find yourself weak or tired as your body burns the last of its glucose. Fear not, coconut oil doesn’t change blood sugar or impact a fast! Eat scoop and relax knowing you are about to enter Ketone nirvana the comfortable way.
  5. With Meals. Reaching for the vegetable oil? STOP! Coconut oil is a natural healthy replacement for butter and oils. So keep the whole family supplied with healthy fats by adding coconut oil in place of unhealthy processed fats like canola or rapeseed.
  6. For Those Late-night Munchies. Ever wake up starving? This is typically caused by both under-eating and overeating close to bedtime. In either case, the bad decision is to load up on simple sugars and left-over pizza. We think the appetite suppressing effect of coconut oil makes it the perfect midnight snack. Eat a tablespoon with a glass of water and go back to bed knowing you are one step closer to those six-pack abs!

The more science learns about body, the more important healthy fats seem to be! The only time we don’t suggest eating coconut oil is when you are eating large amounts of carbohydrates. So keep your fat consumption and sugar consumption separate. But other than that? Load up and enjoy the goodness that is Skinny Coconut Oil. 

When you do you like to eat coconut oil? Please share your secrets!

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