The Skinny on Winter Blues

The Skinny on Winter Blues

If your winter involves cold weather and snow, chances are you will spend a good portion of it bundled up or inside with the heat on. While some people may enjoy this, chances are your skin is struggling with the weather adjustment, and your mood may be affected as well. Fear not, we here to help with ideas on how to treat your skin - and yourself - a little better as winter approaches!

Nourish You Skin All Winter Long

We all know one thing that comes with winter: Cold Weather + Indoor Heat = Dry Skin  However, knowing this change is coming allows you to compensate for the loss of moisture. By adding nourishing skincare products to your daily rotation, you can say goodby to dry, itchy skin and feel great about it! The most beneficial change you can make is using a moisturizing cleanser like The Skinny Shampoo & Body Bar in your bath or shower so that it doesn't dry out your skin more. Another product that has a big impact on your skin's oil levels is your facial cleanser. Using The Skinny Calming Cleansing Balm removes your makeup and cleanses your face while supplying much-needed hydration to your most sensitive areas. Lastly, keeping The Skinny Lip Balm close at hand will keep your lips kissably soft all winter long!

Boost Your Mood This Winter

Another common issue that rears its head in winter is "Seasonal Affective Disorder" or a drop in motivation and energy. While there is no cure for this emotional swing, there are steps you can take to balance your mood. We offer a full line of Aromatherapy products that boost without using synthetic fragrances, chemicals, or irritants. The Skinny Candles are made using coconut oil, beeswax, and essential oils so that you can naturally stimulate your mood and energy anytime. The Skinny Essential Oil Rollers contain only coconut oil, apricot oil, and essential oils that are nourishing to your skin and soul. Simply glide along your temples, pressure points, neck, and shoulders to experience the restorative benefits of each blend. Lastly, The Skinny Body Butters are therapeutic-grade full-body moisturizers created with coconut oil, kokum butter, and essential oils that hydrate your skin while allowing you to enjoy a boost in your mood as well.

Keeping Active During Winter

A commonly overlooked way to stay balanced is keeping exercise in your regular routine during the winter months. There are several options for virtual options to stay active at home. You can find HITT routines, yoga flows, and even treadmill/exercise bike sessions to motivate you when getting outside isn't an option. Another way to mix things up is to find a new playlist, podcast, or new series to keep your brain occupied while you work out. Find a dedicated space in your home that can accommodate your equipment (yoga mat, dumbbells, etc.) and make your exercise sessions a priority.

Staying Connected This Winter

Lastly, it is extremely beneficial to stay connected to loved ones during the colder months of winter. This is even more important now that many of us are working from home and/or under quarantine. Keeping a line of communication open with friends and family will allow you the time and opportunity to share your feelings, gain perspective from others, and also give you something to look forward to leading up to your call. In addition, most mental health professionals have added virtual appointments to their offerings, so consider setting up a regular check-in with someone who can offer you an objective outlook

Make Self Care a Priority This Winter

TLDR: Before you find yourself struggling with the effects of cold weather, make deliberate changes in your routine to mix things up and keep yourself from getting into a funk.

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