Our Family 1.0

What started as our mom’s journey to save our brother’s life has become a family-wide passion for finding and combining the purest & most potent ingredients on the planet. We are obsessed with making products that are ultra-transparent, 100% clean, chemical-free, small-batch, and use the fewest ingredients. Our mission is to provide people with healthier products that are trustworthy and will change their life from the inside out. We do this by applying our strict sourcing standards and proprietary processes to bring you and your family the best nature has to offer.


It all started when...

In 2007 our middle brother, Matt, became extremely sick with black mold poison, and treatment wasn't helping. Our mom, trying to find a way to save his life, explored alternatives to traditional medicine. She quickly learned that many products might have been hurting because of the impurity of their ingredients. Because of our mom's relentless commitment to holistic health, our brother started to recover. To this day, our brother's life fuels an intense, family-wide passion for pure and potent ingredients and products!

A few years later, in 2012, my brothers Luke & Matt traveled to Southeast Asia. They worked their way across the continent but their time in Vietnam was special. They admired the country's pristine villages and lush jungles. Ultimately, they were captivated by the hard-working, family-oriented Vietnamese people. This experience in Vietnam so inspired Luke that he chose to stay for good.

While developing his own import-export company in Vietnam, Luke discovered that many of the ingredients that were going to the US were full of impurities. As he investigated deeper, Luke unearthed an innovative technology that would allow him to produce coconut oil without heat, chemicals, or solvents. This revolutionary coconut oil looked, felt, and smelled completely different than anything we had seen before. Luke patented this unique, cold process. In our family's living room, with only ten jars of coconut oil and a big dream of changing the world, our family launched Skinny in September 2013.

Today, Skinny is far more than just a coconut oil company. Coconut oil was simply the first step in our family's passionate journey to bring you pure and potent products that will change your life. On top of our rigorous sourcing standards and our unrelenting commitment to quality, we have further guaranteed our purity and potency by controlling our entire supply chain and manufacturing our own products. We hope this will challenge the norm of contract manufacturing, low quality, or sweatshop production. An added benefit of being directly connected to our sources is giving back to these communities. Our family invites you to try our revolutionary products; we believe that these products will not only impress you but will change your world from outside in and inside out!

Our Promise

The Skinny ensures unrivaled purity. We never use synthetic ingredients or scents, and our products never contain hidden toxins. We manufacture, process, and package quality products by hand. Shop all of our best selling natural skincare products.