Body Butter Kit

The Skinny Raw Beauty line is perfect for all skin types. We combined our patented 100% RAW NutraLock™ coconut oil with therapeutic-grade essential oils and other pure oils to bring you skincare as nature intended. Raw Beauty will give you everything you need to moisturize, repair, and protect your skin - NATURALLY.

Make your mother happy!

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$83.99 Value

The Kit Includes:

Aroma Body Butter

Essential Oil Roller


Available in these fragrances:

Vanilla Blossom

White Grapefruit

Fresh Cucumber

Sweet Lemongrass

Patchouli Spice

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Kit Benefits:

Aroma Body Butter

Indulge yourself with the best moisturizer nature has to offer, with rich, emollient shea butter and pure coconut oil paired with real therapeutic grade essential oils.

Feel restored and balanced thanks to the aromatherapy benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oil. Created with your peace of mind in mind, the Whipped Body Butter is sure to calm and create a sense of tranquility and well-being.

Essential Oil Roller

Simplify your skincare routine! Use Skinny & Co.’s Cleansing Balm as your makeup remover, cleanser, and Moisturizer all in one. BONUS - no water needed for any step!

The Rejuvenating Cleansing Balm is specifically formulated for dry/aging skin, and unclogs pores, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and moisturizes your skin. You’ll also experience these benefits:

  • Easily removes waterproof makeup.
  • Energizes skin for a more radiant appearance.
  • Provides a lightweight, matte finish to the skin.
  • Softens and prevents stretch marks.


Skinny & Co.’s Lip Balm is formulated to help reduce fine lines and wrinkles around your sensitive lip area while also providing moisture to relieve the damage and dryness that lips often experience.

Skinny & Co. Lip Balm is the perfect, natural way to hydrate chapped lips. You’ll also experience these benefits:

  • Helps your lips retain their moisture.
  • Helps protect your lips from sun damage.
  • Provides barrier as protection against small mouth irritations.

Hear What Others Say:

"This company, and its products, are amazing. Lately, I’ve needed some extra moisturizer for my hands. Well Skinny & Co. saved the day! The products not only work, but are affordable and smell delicious!"

Kristen S.

"Excellent products. All natural and works well for my hair and skin. Highly recommended."

Susan E.

"I love this product, I use it in my body, face and hair! It leaves my skin and hair very soft!"

Adriana O.

"There is something amazing happening here with this brand of Skinny an all natural product that is affordable that actually works. #ForeverSkinnyCoconut"

Monica W.