Our Promise

  Our Promise

  • Our products are 100% clean and 100% chemical free made with our patented ultracold-pressed, unprocessed, raw ingredients 
  • Being unprocessed means that all of the vitamins and nutrients are naturally able to be utilized by your skin and body.
  • We are not contract manufactured like the vast majority of products in the US (which means a large producer is making the same product for everyone and just relabeling).
  • We use 5 or less edible, active ingredients in every single product we lovingly make.
  • Whenever we use coconut oil, the peroxide is removed from our coconut oil with a ‘micro filtering’ process, making our products non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic.
  • We never use, petrochemicals, solvents, phthalates, parabens, sulfates, fillers, or chemicals of any kind - ever!



Skinny ensures unrivaled purity from the moment we wild-harvest in Vietnam, to the manufacturing of all of our products in Indianapolis, all the way to your doorstep. Skinny never uses synthetic ingredients and scents as most companies use. We manufacture, process, and package everything we produce by hand, producing a high-quality product you can trust.

The Skinny Difference

Did you know there are more than 80,000 industrial chemicals that don’t have to be disclosed when they are used to make your products? That’s crazy! You should never settle for products that contain hidden ingredients.

At Skinny, we believe that our bodies are better when we choose products that are natural and free from added ingredients. That’s why we create products that are free from hidden toxins and produced in a sustainable way. As a result, all of our ingredients are listed on the label. Every ingredient we use is pure and natural, so you can feel good about using our products on yourself and your family.

Our Process

Heat and chemicals drastically change the nutrients of ingredients. Skinny uses patented technology (like the Nutralock System™) to keep the fruit whole and intact while maintaining its natural health properties. We are proud to provide the only chemical-free, additive-free, non-acidic coconut oil in the world.